"The more I use the keys and v-HUD, the more one thing becomes absolutely clear, the past holds the keys to the future" #Anonymous
"they will use biological weapons on citizens and students who oppose or seek to expose the orders human cannibal operations." http://formerfreemasons.com/?page_id=223 #covid #cannibalism

Saturday 2 September 2023

#911TRUTH #LONDON77 #11M Perp Takedown #HIVE

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Thursday 31 August 2023


Try murder me.



But 'the GAME' of 'war' is ... 'fun' Anne. Hey?

"If you see an enthroned one you see one the most evil holy one uses to fasad his homocidal ideologies and agendas which include days like 9-11 and 7-7 and every moment a Holy lunatic attacks or accusses is the work of the Holy one ann"

Wednesday 30 August 2023


Note this document is a work-in-progress, and is live-edited (and will grow, over time, revisit).

Q What is this site all about?

A Easy answer: final defeat of the cabal. Complicated answer, too complicated to write right now, but amongst them would be economic goals, legal goals, markets related goals, policing, intelligence and military (counter-intelligence) goals.

Q  What is the v-HUD all about.  It's very confusing.

The v-HUD is only a work in progress (like much of our work, always, in-progress).  It has deliberately been time-regressed (not publicly released) in further versions.  The code-breaker (crypt-analyst) who created the v-HUD you see on this site asked for further work on it to be undertaken by UK military (and classified).  It is now possible to further develop it publicly having given the military a few years to get ahead of us all again.  And we shall do so.