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Sunday, 24 May 2020


 Another day, another slay ...

ALGORITHM for HUMAN MINDS (Final) + Explanation v.1.2



1. Faster AND FASTER
2. Vaster AND VASTER

(note, self contained algo 1>2 >1>2>1>2 ad infinitum)


1. No more DECEPTIONS (they cause ... )
2. No more DISTRACTIONS (which cause ... )
3. No more **DELAY**.

(note, self contained algo 1> 2>3>1>2>3 ad infinitum)


KEY = BOTH ALGO form **1 ALGORITHM** (2parts) 1 11 (binary code) 777 :)

Explanation v.1.2: 


The above algo was invented by me, to take down the 911 perps AND BRING HEAVEN TO EARTH (before HM Queen dies, would be nice, wouldn't it; she got us there!) ... It way conveyed to MI5 (under extremely brutal torture) ... AND POLICE, 3rd-9th May 2014) as a way of **advancing *past* the NAZI** in *timeline* physics terms, of reaching *singularity* **AHEAD** of the NAZI FOURTH REICH that currently CONTROLS this planet (one of their many by now I suspect; big deep shit we're in).  It took me around 8 years to work it all out, and get it THAT SIMPLE and INCAPABLE of FURTHER REDUCTION.

Install in YOUR mind



It's how you WIN against CABAL military-grade/BEYOND black tech/ET &/or corporate (NAZI) AI.

Ibid, the answer:

a) You use a BETTER ALGO - TICK

b) You use a BETTER COMPUTER - TICK (your MIND (which CAN QUANTUM compute ;) )).

The above algorithm was I suspect given to LAW ENFORCEMENT WORLDWIDE in 2014; now we need to add ALL OF THE HUMANS on earth that want to survive singularity, and not surrender to ANYONE or thing (e.g. ET, AI, A RISING NAZI FOURTH REICH etc) their LEGAL RIGHTS or their FUTURE rights e.g. to TRAVEL to and from EARTH and LAND on OTHER PLANETS.


Ready to rock with Ascension Algorithm installed in YOUR mind?  

You're ready for:

How To Decipher

And that's ...

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