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Sunday, 21 June 2020


 Another day, another slay ...

Dear Professor Melzer,

I write to request an extension of time to your deadline. I was tortured (as I have been on a continuing basis for at least 17 years) into pyschiatric detention so that I am unable to make a submission to you.

I am currently in my view illegally kidnapped and held against my wishes in Room 21, Newington Court 1, The Priory, Ticehurst House, Wadhurst, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom, TN5 7HU.

I do not have access to a computer here to outline how a genocide of British people takes place ANNUALLY each year in the United Kingdom.

I am an author of a book about cryptography (2001). I have cracked the cryptography of the global terrorist conspiracy that did 911, 77 and 311 terrorist attacks. Indeed, that seems to control/conduct all terrorist attacks globally (including all IRA terrorist attacks).

Please note two shots were fired to attempt to assassinate me on 11th June 2020 from a Chinook helicopter.

 need time to get out of this criminally unlawful detention, before it would be possible to produce a of necessity long statement covering my discoveries over the course of 17 years of covert murder attempts on my life.

I am also detained to prevent me from submitting testimony or sworn statement to itnj.org and thus hopefully preventing the further holocaust of the UK population now well underway.

I am an MI5 source X 2. I predicted this biowarfare to both Surrey Police and MI5 over a joint tap put in at my request during my second contact with MI5. I passed on a partial cryptographic key. Upon realising obviously things had gone very wrong I picked up where I had left off on or about 1st April 2020. 8 weeks furious cracking of this terrorist conspiracy later, out popped from that crypto cracking BAAL NAHUM aka WUHAN LAAB aka HUMAN LAB. See:


Thus if only one competent police officer had been put to work as I had suggested on 10th May 2020 Surrey Police should have known about Wuhan Lab on around 10th July 2014.

I am also the 'Brit' mentioned in the following US Military Official newspaper (Stars and Stripes):


I would like to prepare a detailed statement about these torture programmes specifically naming many names, and providing mathematical proof of guilt. I was writing to Ansgar Schneider, PhD (maths and physics), currently of the Max Planck Institute, the maths genius requested to produce statistical proof of guilt/appointed by Mr Richard Gage, Founder AE911Truth.org when I got tortured into detention under the Mental Health Act.

The crypto cracking shows irrefutably in my professional opinion that Ordo Templis Oriented and U.G.L.E conduct these terror attacks on the humans on earth.

I publish 3 websites at the moment:

Occupythebanks.com - original/archived
Hackthetorture.com and

Please extend your deadline and allow me to submit testimony and proofs for the globe's consideration, preferably along with Ansgar Schneider's work if he is prepared to continue working on the same. I have no idea if my original emails from this account to Mr Schneider (copied or also sent to Mr Gage) were ever even received but I suspect not).

Please help. Due to the satellite mind control I will possibly never escape this unlawful detention ... And the earth human will continue to be slaughtered. I have even worked out how this happens and where in one locality, with x-ray proof and a live witness (I hope still alive).


Jason Neil Featherstone.

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