Sunday, 21 June 2020


 Another day, another slay ...

Dear Professor Melzer,

I write to request an extension of time to your deadline. I was tortured (as I have been on a continuing basis for at least 17 years) into pyschiatric detention so that I am unable to make a submission to you.

I am currently in my view illegally kidnapped and held against my wishes in Room 21, Newington Court 1, The Priory, Ticehurst House, Wadhurst, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom, TN5 7HU.

I do not have access to a computer here to outline how a genocide of British people takes place ANNUALLY each year in the United Kingdom.

I am an author of a book about cryptography (2001). I have cracked the cryptography of the global terrorist conspiracy that did 911, 77 and 311 terrorist attacks. Indeed, that seems to control/conduct all terrorist attacks globally (including all IRA terrorist attacks).

Please note two shots were fired to attempt to assassinate me on 11th June 2020 from a Chinook helicopter.

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